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If this is your first time to travel abroad, you need all the helpful tips that you can to make your next adventure less daunting. Below are tips, ideal for any types of travelers of all ages.
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15 Apr Helpful tips for travelers of all ages

Travel tips


If this is your first time to travel abroad, you will surely need all the helpful tips that you can to make your next adventure less daunting and more exciting. Luckily this article is written just to meet your needs. Below are more than enough tips, ideal for any types of travelers of all ages.

Do a lot of research – research has a huge impact on the result of your trip. Through reading blogs, travel websites, and forums about your destination, you can have deep insights about the area. Research also helps you know which places to avoid, what dress to wear, and even avoid scams. If you have questions, you may also join forums and get first-hand information from those who recently visited your choice of destination.

Plan ahead – similar to doing research, planning ahead gives you an idea on the climate, basic dos and don’ts, and local laws of the country you are visiting. This also makes it easier for you which types of clothes to bring or what kind of shoes to wear before your trip’s departure date. Another advantage is that you foresee the problems that might occur on your trip so you can think of solutions in case it happens.

Pack light – whether this is a business or vacation trip, it always pays to travel light. If possible, try to bring only a carry on. This way you can avoid the many disadvantages that check-in luggage bring such as baggage fees, losing your luggage, and heavy bags to carry while discovering a new place.

Do a little laundry – if you are traveling for more than a week, and you only intend to bring a backpack with you, then make sure you are also prepared to do a little laundry every now and then. In the event that you do not have the time to do it yourself, you can ask the hotel staff if they are offering laundry services. Another option is to look for nearby laundry mats.

Walk more – Instead of hailing a cab to travel around the city, why not try long walks or join a free walking tour? Aside from saving money, this is also a great workout for any kind of travelers. A walking tour is not that of a bad idea, especially if you are touring the beautiful cities in Europe.  This is also advisable for travelers who are fond of following a DIY itinerary. This makes it easier for them to observe and experience local culture and specialties.

Carry less cash – there’s really no need to carry huge amount of money in your bags. Just withdraw enough that will help you survive for a couple of days since you can always use ATMs if you ran out of cash. Many travelers also advise to bring with you a money belt where you can hide your cash.

Have a fake wallet – a fake wallet’s purpose is so that you have something to give a thief in case you get mugged. Your fake wallet should have receipts, has a picture or two, and deactivated credit cards. You also have to put in a small amount of cash in case you have to use the fake wallet in public. If possible, hide your valuables in a security neck pouch or a leg safe hidden travel wallet.

Back up your files – from your passport, international driving permits, up to your travel vouchers, make sure that your important documents are all set before your departure date. Have these documents photocopied or scanned and save it on your computer. It is also advisable to save your documents and photos on an external hard drive and online just in case your laptop gets stolen.

Bring a sarong – sarongs are multi functional – it can double as a blanket, a towel, an emergency bandage, and even a dress. They are also light and small so they don’t take up any room in your backpack.

Take along snacks – instead of buying food on the plane or in an airport, why not save yourself some money and bring your own snacks? We all know that airlines charge a lot when it comes to food on board so be extra prepared and visit a nearby grocery store before leaving home.

Weigh your luggage before you travel – you can just use your home scale to make sure that your luggage fit the requirements of your airline. To get the exact weight, weigh yourself first on the home scale, and then weigh yourself holding your luggage. Take note of both weights and subtract the first from the second to get the weight of the bag.

Make it a point that your next trip will be hassle free by applying these tips. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you have questions or more tips about traveling.



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