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Be very picky when finding the right type of gear, particularly if you are using it for rappelling or rock climbing. To help you choose the right gears, check out the list below for some tips.
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15 Apr Outdoor Gear for Adventure and Travel Enthusiasts

Travel Gear

If you love activities such as mountaineering, caving, or trekking, then be our guest to discovering the gears that will make your trips extra convenient. Each quality travel gear you choose should offer good performance, even if they are under the harshest conditions. Although some of these gears could be pricey, you will have peace of mind knowing that your money is going for the best equipment available in the industry. Be very picky when finding the right type of gear, particularly if you are using it for rappelling or rock climbing. You don’t want to risk your safety by using affordable yet poorly made products. To help you choose the right gears, check out the list below for some tips.


The outcome of your camping trip could depend on the quality of the tent you choose. You wouldn’t want to have a well-designed tent yet you’re not able to get a good night’s sleep because of its uncomfortable texture. Not having enough rest could mean not enjoying the rest of the adventure either. When choosing a tent, pick something that is lightweight, spacious, and has plenty of ventilation. It should also keep you dry and safe in the event that there is an unexpected rainstorm in the middle of the night. It does not have to be the most expensive in the market. It just has to be a tough and durable freestanding shelter that could meet your back country escape needs.


It’s not always sunny and warm outdoors so be sure to choose a jacket that will keep you comfortable during chilly days. Down jackets are ideal for any backpacking and skiing adventures as they keep you warm and dry no matter the weather condition. Your down jacket should be water repellent so it can increase your protection at all times. Some down jackets even have anti-bacterial features for your peace of mind.

Hydration packs

Hydration packs are a must, especially if you are headed for day hikes on local trails or a trip to the far remote islands of the globe. An ideal hydration pack features well-padded shoulder straps and back panel to make sure you are comfortable no matter how many liters of water you are carrying with you. There should also be plenty of storage capacity for different gears you need for trekking or mountaineering.  Most importantly, the host of pockets should make it easier for you to keep all of your gears organized. The pack should also have quality hydration bladder to ensure that it can seals the container well to avoid any leakage.

ID Tag Systems

Adventure seekers are known for taking some risks just to pursue their love for outdoor activities. However, we also know that some of these activities are too risky that they can sometimes lead to accidents. Through ID tag systems, medical personals can easily identify your needs in case of an emergency. These wearable tags can be engraved with your name, emergency contact numbers, blood type, and other important medical information. You can either wear these tags as a bracelet or dog tags so it is always with you and doesn’t get in the way during extreme activities.

Rate monitor

A rate monitor is a must for runner, cyclists, and triathletes since it help them keep track of their performance and progress over time. Rate monitors have wireless heart monitors so you can easily pace yourself while running or working out. Another great feature it has is GPS that lets you check your track’s speed, distance, and route. If you are planning to buy one, make sure that it is durable and water repellent. It is also best if the screen can be customized so you can display the information that is important to your current routine.

Action camera

Of course, we cannot forget the gear that lets us record every amazing and extreme adventure that we conquer. Having a lightweight and rugged action camera like GoPro makes it extra convenient for travel enthusiasts to capture moments while rock climbing, sky diving, and mountain biking. The market has some of the most competitive and durable action cameras at reasonable rates. Be sure to buy one that you can easily attach to your helmet, handle bar, surf boards, or bikes. These cameras continue to improve each year so do a lot of research to ensure that what you are buying meets your needs and preferences.


With today’s innovative technology, it is now easier for travelers to get the kind of gears that make their every adventure worthwhile and hassle free. In case you have questions about travel gears or if you have suggestions on what we should include in this list, don’t hesitate to start a conversation by commenting below. We will be more than glad to reply to you!



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