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Mindanao is often coined as a misunderstood paradise. However, once you get the chance to visit one of its provinces, you will realize that this place is not as frightening as media makes it sound.
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30 May Top Mindanao Travel Destinations You Must Not Miss

Best Mindanao Destinations

Best Mindanao Destinations


Mindanao is often coined as a misunderstood paradise. However, once you get the chance to visit one of its provinces, you will realize that this place is not as frightening as media makes it sound. In fact, you might even rank it as the most beautiful of the 3 main islands in the Philippines.


Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

Lake Sebu is fast emerging as an eco-tourism destination for adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts. Dubbed by Lonely Planet as a place located in a “bowl of forests and mountains”, this town is frequented by many due to its majestic waterfalls and breathtaking countryside sceneries. One good reason to visit this place is to conquer your fear of heights and try the highest zipline in Southeast Asia. Lake Sebu brings you the Seven Falls Zipline that runs at 180 meters above ground, and 300 meters above sea level. In just one minute you will see different waterfalls gushing through a beautiful rainforest. Daredevils and adrenaline junkies should definitely include this activity and destination on their bucket list.


How to get there:

Those who are coming from Manila or Cebu may take a plane to General Santos City. There are several airlines offering flights to General Santos such as PAL Express or Cebu Pacific. General Santos is the nearest jump off point to reach Lake Sebu. Once you reach the city, got to the Bulaong Bus Terminal and take a bus to Marbel or Koronadal City. From Marbel, transfer to a Surallah bound bus (travel time is just 30 minutes). Upon reaching Surallah, take a jeep going to Lake Sebu. The travel sure is worth it once you witness the beauty of Lake Sebu.


Tinuy-an Falls, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur

This multi-tiered waterfalls are 95 m wide and 55 meters high. It is also known as the Philippines’ Niagara Falls. Every morning, between 9AM to 11AM, the area impresses its visitors by showing a lovely rainbow. The whole area is also teeming with lush green vegetation, making it more picturesque and appealing. You may ride a bamboo raft to get close to its white water curtain and enjoy a water massage. Once done with you’re massage, be sure not to miss the upper part of the falls. Ask the local tour guides to escort you to the upper level. The trail is quite steep but the view up above is truly fascinating. Be sure to bring your travel gears to ensure you’ll enjoy every minute of your adventure.


How to get there:

From Manila, you may take a plane to Butuan as this is the closest jump-off point to Bislig. Go to Butuan’s Integrated Bus Terminal and ride a non-airconditioned bus going to Bislig City. The travel time is 5-6 hours and fare will cost you around 250 pesos. From Bislig, rent a habal-habal or a motorcycle to Tinuy-an Falls. The price range is around for a round-trip ride ranges from 250-350 pesos, depending on your haggling skills.


Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur

A few minutes away from the quiet and sleepy town of Hinatuan hides a majestic river called Enchanted River. It is surrounded with different versions of mysteries like its unfathomable depth or that no one knows where its water comes from. At exactly 12 in the afternoon, the caretaker rings the bell, requesting ever tourists and locals to get out of the water for the “feeding time”. Once the “hymn of Hinatuan” starts playing, a huge school of fish gathers near the mouth of the river as the caretaker feeds them some shrimps and rice. This is the best time to prepare your travel cameras to capture how this ritual works.


How to get there:

Enchanted River is just a few minutes away from Tinuy-an Falls. You may also follow the same instructions above, and use the motorcycle to reach the river.



Camiguin is a one-stop destination for a good variety of adventures. Aside from the common activities such as snorkeling, beach bumming, and diving, the island offers the chance for volcano climbing, trekking, rappelling and any other activities that an adrenaline junkie can dream of. But of course, a trip to Camiguin will not be complete without seeing its crown jewel – the White Island. The island’s shape is constantly changing according to the tides. It is uninhabited, and there’s no vegetation or permanent concrete structures, making it an ideal spot to get instant tan lines. The whole place is just filled with beautiful white powdery sand with Mt. Hibok-hibok and Mt. Vulcan as the backdrop.


How to get there:

From Manila, you may take a flight to Camiguin via Cebu. Cebu Pacific is the only commercial airline offering flights to Camiguin. Another option you have is to book a flight to Cagayan de Oro. From there, take a shuttle to Agora Terminal for about PHP 199. Travel time is just two hours. Once you reach the terminal, ride a bus to Balingoan Port for only P110. There are ferries from Balingoan to Benoni (Camiguin) that leaves almost every hour. When you reach the Benoni Port, take a multi-cab Baranggay Yumbing as it is the jump-off point to White Island.


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