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If you are planning to visit this country anytime soon, be sure to bookmark this page as we will discuss everything you need to know about the travel costs in Thailand. Check out the list below so you can start budgeting for your upcoming trip.
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15 Apr Travel costs when in Thailand

Money and Budget

Due to its diverse culture and beautiful beaches, Thailand has earned its reputation as one of most coveted countries to visit in Southeast Asia. The southern part of the country is filled with pristine beaches, while the northern part boasts with beautiful mountains. Best of all, the country’s capital offers many activities and a vibrant night life.

The Thai currency is baht (THB), and 1 USD is equivalent to about 30 THB. To help you become more familiar with the currency, their coins include 25-satang as well as 50-satang pieces. Other coins include 1B, 2B, 5B and 10B. Coins are mostly used and issued at supermarkets. As for the bills, they have 1000B in color beige, 500B in color purple, 100B in color red, 50B in color blue, and 20B in color green.

If you are planning to visit this country anytime soon, be sure to bookmark this page as we will discuss everything you need to know about the travel costs in Thailand.  Check out the list below so you can start budgeting for your upcoming trip.


Since a wide range of tourists visits this country each year, there is also a huge selection of accommodation types you can choose from. For solo backpackers, you will appreciate the dorm beds that will only cost you 100 – 200 THB a night. Couples can choose to stay in double rooms that costs 200-500 THB, depending on the features each room offers. If you are willing to shell out 600 – 1000 THB to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you can also stay at the more expensive hotel-like rooms that already have air conditioning, safe boxes, and fridges. Luxury and beach-front hotels are also sprawling, allowing you to make your stay in the country more comfortable and worthwhile. These accommodations will cost you around 2000 THB per night, while offering you nothing but top-notch features and amenities.


Are you a foodie? Do you love spicy dishes? Then be ready to allot a bigger amount of your budget to food when in Thailand. The staples of Thai cuisine are noodles and rice. They are well-known for they are often prepared with fresh seafood, spicy curry, and delicious coconut milk. Dining in at a Thai restaurant will cost you 100 – 200 THB. If you’re trying to save money, you can also try their street food meals that should only be 40 – 60 THB. As for the kinds of food you ought to try, the most popular one is Pad Thai. Each serving costs around 150 to 300 THB, and is available in a variety of sizes. You won’t be hard pressed looking for this special cuisine as you can find it either from street vendors or in sit down restaurants.

Going out

As mentioned above, Thailand is known for its vibrant night life. For about 100 – 200 THB, you can go out with your friends to have a drink or two while socializing with other tourists or locals. There are also bars that offer happy hours, letting you avail half-priced drinks or 2-for-1 specials.


Just like from anywhere around the world, the cheapest way to travel Thailand is through their public transportation. You have many options to reach your destination such as buses (15 THB), transits (20 THB), and taxis (30 THB). But of course, no Thai trip is complete without riding their world-renowned means of transportation – tuk tuks. Aside from the exciting experience, tourists choose to ride tuk tuks because the fares vary on the distance travelled and on the customers’ haggling skills. It is ideal for short trips around the city.


A highly recommended way to save when visiting attractions in Thailand is either by going during off season or by steering away from the tourist-favorite areas. But to give you get an idea of how much these attractions and activities costs, we have created a list for you:

  • Emerald Buddha & Grand Palace entrance fee – 500 BHT
  • Phuket beach tour – 1900 BHT
  • Wat Arun – 50 BHT
  • Khao yai national park – 400 BHT

On an average, you will be spending around 700 – 1500 BHT per day in Thailand. This depends on the places you will visit and the activities you will be doing. It’s not as cheap compared to its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia. However, with the massive options you have when it comes to attractions, it will be worth your every minute. Moreover, preparation lets you save money and time during travels so take advantage of this guide and start planning your Thailand adventure today!

Do you have questions about these tips? Any other suggestions about how travelers can save with their travel costs in Thailand? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below. We look forward to starting a conversation with you.

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