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It’s really hard to figure out what you really need to bring and what can just stay in your closets. Below is an ultimate list of travel tips on how to pack like a pro!
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15 Apr Travel Tips on How to Pack Like a Pro

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Whether you are planning to go hiking in Kilimanjaro or beaching in Maldives, I’m sure you will agree that packing is not the best part of any vacation. It’s really hard to figure out what you really need to bring and what can just stay in your closets. To avoid ending up lugging around any non-essentials for your trip, below is an ultimate list of travel tips on how to pack like a pro!

Use a checklist

One of the most helpful travel tips you shouldn’t forget is the use of a checklist. Before getting all your clothes and gears out of your closet, plan ahead so you can sort out what you’ll be wearing and what activity you will be doing each day. Choose clothes that you can mix and match so you don’t have to bring your entire wardrobe. Once you’re done sorting out, jot down on a piece of paper or on your mobile phone the clothes that you will be wearing. Cross each item off your list as you pack them so that you won’t forget packing important stuff. It is also advisable to include an extra set of clothes and personal medication in a carry-on luggage. This is to ensure that you have something to wear and you wouldn’t miss taking your medication just in case your travel bag gets misplaced.

Packing bulky items

Bulky items like shoes or extra handbags should be at the bottom of your luggage. In case you will only be carrying one backpack, the heaviest items should be right next the lid’s hinges, giving support to the weight of your gears. However, if you are using a luggage piece on wheels, the bulky items should be placed right at the bottom or just above the wheels. Another tip to keep in mind is to take advantage of the space inside the shoes or smaller purse. You can use these tiny spaces to tuck in belts, socks, or gloves.

Packing toiletries

Items that are fragile as well as any personal care products should be well-secured and placed in a padded fabric case. Keep these items in the center of your luggage in order for all of your clothes to work as buffer when something sharp or hard hits your bag. You should also keep toiletries such as small bottles of lotions, shampoos or perfume in Ziploc freezer bags or packing cubes. Those transparent and waterproof toiletry carrying case also work best for ensuring that any fragile products in your bag won’t leak.

Packing delicate items

Packing is extra challenging if you will be traveling to attend to events like weddings, conferences, or summits. These gatherings require you to bring your best outfits that are most of the time delicate and wrinkle prone. To avoid the hassles of having to iron these items at your hotel, what you can do is to put them at the top layer of your luggage. Wrap them in tissue paper to protect each of the items from any damage. Place these items in between more sturdy garments like jackets for added protection.

Rolling and Folding

To save up space in a luggage or a backpack, many travelers recommend tightly rolling clothes. Doing so helps you fit more items in your suitcase. However, it makes your clothes wrinkly, which is a huge problem especially if you are on a business trip. To solve this dilemma, remember that rolling can be used on clothes or items that are less likely to wrinkle such as nylon. For natural fabrics, like cotton, you have to fold these items if you don’t want your clothes to turn into wrinkly messes. Another packing option for your clothes is bundle wrapping. The idea is to put the smallest and wrinkle-proof garments on the inside of the bundle, and then surround it by bigger layers of easily wrinkled clothes.

Consider compression bags or packing cubes

Many travelers use compression bags when packing for a winter trip since these bags help remove air in heavier and thicker clothing such as hoodies or jackets. Another option you have to keep your suitcase organized is using packing cubes. Packing cubes are made from soft material and serves as great organization tools. It helps maximize space in your case, while letting you separate clothes you will wear for different days.

Revisit your checklist

Once it’s time to go home, you can reuse the checklist to make sure none of your clothes or accessories is missing.  This also makes it easier to go back to how manage to fit all your personal belongings inside your suitcase. One good way to make room for your souvenirs and further slim down your luggage is to donate magazines and books.

Do you have any packing tips in mind? Share them with us! Comment below and let us know how you keep your luggage clutter free.



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