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This article offers travel tips and extra boost as to how you can make your budget go further. Check out the list below for great travel tips for slashing the price of your vacation.
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Piggy bank on travel tourist map. Saving money for travel, planning holiday or vacation

26 Mar Travel Tips to Make Your Budget Go Further

Piggy bank on travel tourist map. Saving money for travel, planning holiday or vacation

News such as gas prices are up or the dollar is weak may dishearten budget travelers to go forth and start their voyage. If you are one of them, you may wonder whether you can maintain a lifestyle on the road or not. This article is written to give travel tips and extra boost as to how you can make your budget go further. Check out the list below for great travel tips for slashing the price of your vacation.

Tip #1 – Travel at the cheapest times

Did you know that flights’ prices vary depending on the date and time of travel? You may check out online applications to see and compare the cheapest days of the week to fly. Weekends make a huge impact on flights and accommodation prices so you might want to schedule your trip during weekdays, especially on unpopular travel days like Tuesdays, Wednesday, or Saturdays. Flying during dinner hours or at dawn is also less expensive because of the same reason that it is less popular to many travelers.

Tip #2 – Discover how connecting flight saves you money

If your travel dates are flexible, it would be best to take advantage of connecting flights as these can be much cheaper than nonstop. Long layovers give you a two-for-one deal. Leaving the airport offers you the chance to explore an additional country along the way that you probably haven’t been to before. Countries like Singapore and London offer tours that will let you leave the airport and into the city for just a few hours. This way you can make the most of your lay over without damaging your budget. Just be sure to plan ahead and consider time restrictions to avoid any risks of missing your flight.

Tip #3: – Travel in low season

Every travel destination has an ideal time of year. Japan is frequented by travelers during cherry blossom months (late March to early April), while Cambodia’s peak season is during Christmas and New Year period. But if you go during the off-season, you can get some cheaper deals and still ensure that you will have lots of fun. You’ll even have fewer travelers to deal with and the best tourist spots will be less crowded. This also means that you’ll get better service from tour guides, hotel staff, and travel organizers because they have to deal with a smaller number of guests. Another tip to keep in mind is to check the weather condition at your destination. Some South East Asian countries have strong rainy season that could prevent you from getting there safely or that could ruin your itinerary.

Tip #4: Go backpacking

If you want your trip to be filled with independence and adventure, then backpacking might just be the right answer for you. This activity lets you travel from one place to another while carrying everything you need in just one backpack. It also instantly cuts your wait time for luggage when you arrive at your destination. Budget wise, you can just walk around the city instead of taking a cab for a tour. Use your smart phone as a guide and have a flexible itinerary that will allow you to see the best of your destination the cheapest way possible. You can even avoid burning the cash by renting a hostel with a kitchen. Preparing a couple of meals at your hostel will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Tip #5: Limit your shopping spree

Limit your shopping no matter how much you would like to take home all fancy souvenir items and cheap finds you might find on the road. Aside from spending more money than you should, you will also have extra lug when it’s time to go home.

Tip #6: Visit any local grocery stores or supermarket

Packing light lets you save cash from the staggering checked-bag fees at the airport. Moreover, you will have extra room in your bag for food. Budget travelers tend to seek out food carts, fresh produce markets, as well as local bakeries where they can buy authentic yet affordable meals. By doing so, you’ll easily avoid dining in at expensive restaurants and have an interesting view and feel of the local supermarket.  Some travelers even drop by grocery stores to buy granola bars in order to help fight off cravings in between meals. On top of it all, you can use your spare time to spend more time by the beach or enjoying the mountain views.

Tip #7: Customize your itinerary

Enjoy lengthy and flexible getaways by changing your itinerary. Planning all you want to get done into your schedule can be a challenging. So make it easier by having a list of everything you want to visit or do in your destination and then put the list in priority order. Ask the locals and consult a guidebook or a forum to know if your itinerary is feasible or if you can still squeeze in an activity. Although you may want to schedule a full day’s worth of activities, you still need to ensure that you’re getting enough hours of sleep a night. If you’re still not satisfied with your itinerary, check out websites and apps to help in creation of itineraries. These apps also give you the ability to look for itineraries from thousands of tech-savvy travelers.

Put these tips all together and you’re set to take on your next adventure! Don’t forget to add comments below if you have more tips to share or if you have further questions about travel tips.

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